Bank On Baton Rouge



The Bank On Baton Rouge initiative was designed to bring the financial benefits of being able to participate in the financial mainstream to people in the Baton Rouge community who are relying on expensive alternative methods of financial services.

Across the country, low-income families lose millions of dollars on predatory lenders and alternative financial services which has had a tremendous negative impact on the local economy and the community’s well-being.

The Bank On Baton Rouge partners have come together to bring no-cost or low-cost mainstream financial services to members of the community who wish to take advantage of the money-saving and credit-building opportunities offered by credit unions and banks. Each of the Bank On partners have accounts designed to help people develop a positive banking relationship with access to savings accounts, checking accounts and opportunities to build a beneficial financial history to open doors for low-interest loans and services.

Another benefit of Bank On Baton Rouge is the opportunity to participate in financial workshops which are free and open to the community while being designed to share information all consumers need to make more of their money and to build credit.

Please call your credit union or bank of choice to learn more about their program and opportunities for you to benefit from the financial mainstream.

Partner Institutions

Click here for a complete list of locations and contact information, or click on one of the partner sites below.

Call 211 and ask for Bank on Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge City-Parish Employees Credit Union

Campus Federal Credit Union

Capital One Bank

Dow Louisiana Federal Credit Union

E-Federal Credit Union

Liberty Bank

Neighbors Federal Credit Union

Pelican State Credit Union

Regions Bank

Southern Teachers & Parents Credit Union

State Bank & Trust Company

Teche Federal Bank

Baton Rouge Telco Federal Credit Union